Microsoft’s Hall of Tortured Souls

This time we’ll be looking into the myth of a game buried within the depths of Microsoft Office 95, or, more specifically, Microsoft Excel 95. This game, known as the Hall of Tortured Souls, is a first-person game featuring Doom-like graphics. You will start at the beginning of a rather narrow pathway and need to make it to the end. Certain books state that at the end of this passage, you will encouner a terrifying secret. A secret so horrible that it’s guaranteed to shave years off of your life.

Myth or fact? The Hall of Tortured Souls is, in actuality, true, though I wouldn’t go so far as to say the secret is terrifying. Here are the steps to access this hidden Easter egg in Microsoft Excel 95, for those who are interested, courtesy of

1. Open Excel 95 with a blank work sheet.
2. Go down to the 95th row.
3. Select the whole row.
4. Tab over to column B.
5. Go to Help/About.
6. Hold down ctrl-alt-shift and click on the tech support button.
7. A window appears call “Hall of Tortured Souls“.
8. At the end of the hall are all the programmers names.
9. Do a 180 turn and type “excelkfa” without the quotation marks. A wall will vanish. Walk through the wall to see the pictures.

As you can see, the Hall of Tortured Souls isn’t just some dramatic name that people on the internet came up with, but is, rather, what the window itself is actually called. But who are the people within the vanishing wall that you can see on step 9? Why, it’s the programmers who worked on Excel 95, of course.

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