Cherry Point’s Lavender Labyrinth

The labyrinth is laid out in an ancient spiral pattern, symbolic of one’s life path. Labyrinths are becoming increasingly popular as meditative spaces, perfect for relaxation or spiritual reflection. Important numbers like 12, 52, and 7 appear throughout the pattern, and there’s a circle of stones at the center.

The paths are defined by earth and plants, primarily lavender, which has many uses; it is said to be an aromatherapeutic herb that’s simultaneously relaxing and stimulating and is great for headaches and sleeplessness.

Find the labyrinth at Cherry Point Farm and Market in Michigan. And the best part of all? The labyrinth is free! Cherry Point Farm is one of the county’s oldest farms and is right in the middle of one of the prettiest parts of the state, Point Sable, minutes away from Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

Pop into the market to pick up fresh produce, cherry strudel, and bulk lavender, or make a point to attend a fish boil or another event they hold! The lavender will be in full bloom until late July, but the labyrinth will still have flowers and herbs through the end of the summer.


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