Immerse yourself in the Utopian town of Guanajuato, it’s called Soria, it’s in the municipality of Comonfort, north of Celaya and south of San Miguel Allende. There the fields are practically perfect.

Soria, give the impression of witnessing the utopian idea of ​​Tomás Moro realized, the same one that infected Don Vasco de Quiroga and made him create the Hospital system in the Bishopric of Michoacán in the last fourth of the sixteenth century.

Soria maintains the idea of ​​Moro’s Utopia: the houses are the same size, the same colors, landscaped, clean, neat. It is an ideal world.  There is not a single graffiti, population is about a thousand people living there.

Soria has a very interesting history. It was born due to the farm that existed there, called El Molino, which later changed when the looms were installed there, to the name of Soria.

The Utopian city of Soria, Gto. was possible thanks to the money of Emeteria Valencia and her husband, the administrator of her fortune, Eusebio González in 1894.

This is the main gateway to the gigantic factory that once gave prosperity and increased their fortune and that of those Mexican utopians of the XIX century.

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