Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s Bust

In the main street of Tepetitán -a village located about 80 kilometers from the capital of Tabasco, Mexico- is the house where López Obrador’s grandparents lived: a building with large windows and walls gnawed by mold. In front of the house is a bust of the politician with a legend that says: the face of hope. In this town the presidential candidate was born in 1953.

In this fishing village, belonging to the municipality of Macuspana, El Peje, as his followers call him, studied primary school. Nidia Cámara, who was her classmate, remembers him as a child who always helped his parents in the family business.

An important part of the history of López Obrador was traced in this town: with the chontales. His appointment in 1977 as director of the Indian Coordinating Center, an institution of the federal government, was crucial for the political career of today’s president of Mexico.

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