Unlike the tendency to use artisanal manufacture to integrate it into proposals of artists and designers, goals are focused on promoting the aesthetic, social and economic valuation of traditional creations of indigenous communities.

Among them, practices related to pottery, gastronomy, clothing and footwear (huaraches).


Without establishing differences of disciplines or hierarchies between creators, Tetetlán is a place mounted on the volcanic rocks of El Pedregal, CDMX, that are exhibited through a large glass floor with a library specialized in Luis Barragán and contemporary art of open consultation, music recorded in acetates, pictorial or sculptural exhibitions, the commercial exhibition of pottery of Puebla and Oaxaca, and the interventions of gallery artists between and on the rocks of the floor.

Designed as a self-sustaining project that supports handicraft production through boosting its commercial demand, Tetetlán allocates 40% of its income to a social cause. Due to the 2017 earthquake, income goes to the reconstruction of the community center of Juchitán, Oaxaca.

Located inside the restored Casa Pedregal by architect Luis Barragán, this place offers different services such as a library of art and architecture, the historical archive of Pedregal, a forum, an organic market, a neighborhood store, a center of body awareness, a orchard, and a coffee bar.

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