Solferino’s Millenial Tree

The population of Solferino, Quintana Roo, has a very special and unique attraction in the millennary tree known as “The giant of Solferino”, which is also surrounded by an orchid garden that has become a tourist attraction for thousands of tourists heading to the island of Holbox.

The millenial tree has resisted the threat of the elements and the human being at the same time, the person behind its preservation is the environmentalist Juan García Canul.

The majestic tree is located in the property of Juan García Canul, who a few years ago threatened to hang himself in its branches, because locals wanted to cut it to take advantage of its wood. There are several legends related to the ancient tree such as the Mayan witch X’tabay, who claim that it is the “house” of the malignant entity but, at least in Solferino, they have not seen her around… yet.

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