Aeromoto Library

Aeromoto is a non-for-profit library specialized in artist books, independent publishing, and contemporary culture. The library propose a time of shared use that contravenes the privatization of life; a place where things do not belong to anybody. Aeromoto appeal to groups and individuals that live a life of shared resources and tools for liberation. Aeromoto is a community-based community-supported space that offers free access to its archive.

Aeromoto combats the idea of ​​private property, in opposition to it, the goal is greater good. The initial collection of Aeromoto (approximately two thousand volumes) was formed from the collections of the 4 friends who founded the library. A little tired of seeing their unused books on the shelves and bookshelves of their homes, they decided to make them available to an audience that at that time was an abstract and informed entity. The  books would not be theirs anymore, but of all those who wanted to make use of them.

In general, Aeromoto collects the editorial production of our time, related to the visual arts and contemporary culture. Aeromoto may seem grandiloquent but it is actually a small library and a small micropolitics effort.

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