Sierra de Lobos’ Los Panales

They are also known as “Los Panales” or “Los Monolitos”, a narrow canyon at Wolfs’ Mountain Range (Sierra de Lobos) where are huge monoliths in the shape of honeycomb.

They are located very close to León City in Guanajuato, Mexico; driving through federal road from León to San Felipe, around the 33 km marker is a small canyon hosting huge rock formations in the shape of cylindrical honeycombs resembling amazing natural skyscrapers.

The rock formations distribution consists of large columns scattered over 10 km into the ravine length . It is an ideal place for those who like hiking and climbing.

Please restraint yourself from delighting us with your graffiti on the monoliths, since lately, the rocks display very shitty and poor executed graffiti which subtract majesty to the landscape. Your trash isn’t welcome also since Los Panales is a Natural Protected Area, but also belongs to Cañada Grande Community,  which is a private property, so be cautious and respectful and ask for permission to explore the zone.

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