The most notable pyramids of Guanajuato, unknown until today, are 5 kilometers south of the town of San Bartolo, 20 kilometers away from Villa de Apaseo, taking an opposite course, to Queretaro. the site has an Otomi name, Tzché, meaning “cold water”, the name honors a spring nearby San Bartolo.


Seven pyramids erected within a small perimeter apparently mark the epochs in which they were formed. Three make the main group: the largest in the East and two, a little smaller, on the sides of the North and South, leaving in the center an open square that looks towards the West.


Three other small ones are still a short distance from those without a planed route, and the last one, big as the first one located to the west just behind the abandoned former hospital estate. This complex is located in the vicinity of the Lerma River, which is one of the rivers that mark the border between Mesoamerica Nuclear and Marginal Mesoamerica. This place began its formation process in the XII century AD, due to the disintegration of the maximum frontier, fulfilling a mediating function for being apparently the point of connection between the cultures that indistinctly developed in both Nuclear Mesoamerica and Marginal Mesoamerica.


By the sixteenth century AD, it seems that this frontier is fully established. Therefore, the geographic location of the mentioned site would have a determining position in the center limit of Marginal Mesoamerica. Despite its historical significance, the archeological site remains abandoned and unexplored, due to bigger archeological sites such as Teotihuacán or Monte Albán , spend resources, budget and specialists, leaving a null margin for smaller historical landmarks to be restored and explored.


The head of  “Señorío de San Bartolo” was precisely the area where the pyramids are located, on a hill of about 500 meters long by 500 meters wide, which was constituted by five architectural ensembles distributed on the ridge.


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