The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station

WE Slaughter is the place where the gang that starred in the iconic Tobe Hooper movie: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre tries to gas up and get directions to the old Franklin place at the beginning of the film.

Where they were told not to go messing around in old houses. Where that one dude washes their window and then disappears. Where Sally eventually escapes to only to find out that her worries are slightly larger than a hulking brute in a face-mask of the non-sports type.

The gas station is in Bastrop, 35 miles southwest of Austin, Texas. The gas station is on Route 304, where Clearview Drive touches it. The basic shape of the building is the same, although the gas pumps are missing.

A new WE Slaughter Barbeque sign shined whitely on the roof in the Texas sun, complete with Coca-Cola logo. Inside its empty. Behind it, a line of four tiny cabins…the resort part, I assume. There was also a big green van straight out of the movie sitting there empty and forlorn as if its owners had long ago been chainsawed into pulled pork.

Source: OTIS

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