Palizada’s Statue of Liberty

The replica located in the Paseo De La Libertad, a park on the seafront of the town Palizada, Campeche, Mexico; located on the banks of the Palizada River and measures 1.6 meters.

It was built by the Calderón de Mérida brothers and inaugurated on August 15, 1949. It is said that originally there was a fountain in the place now known as the “Fuente de los Sapos”, but that it never had enough popularity.

There is very little information about the reason for ordering a Statue of Liberty and exhibiting it in this particular place, although it is said that it was in honor of the Palizada Patriótica y Liberal, a title granted by the Governor of Campeche on February 12, 1868 due to the defense of the compatriots fleeing the French intervention. Even in our days the canyons used for such a feat are preserved on the pier.

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