Tierra Blanca’s Giant Cactaceae Sanctuary

The community of Arroyo Seco in Tierra Blanca has a Natural Botanical Garden and like all the other sites that are located in  northeast Guanajuato, the garden has a hint of a small family business built with a lot of astonishment.


The people who live in the community offer to visitors guided tours and also take advantage of the medicinal and cosmetic properties of some species of cactus, with which they make soap and body cream.


They develop handcrafts like basketry and  make candies of xoconoxtle, garambullo and biznaga.


The entrance cost is around 30 pesos. The interpretative path follows to Doña Antonia and her explanation of the properties of the plants along a road that climbs the Mbodo Hill, which in Otomí means “place where the stones abound” and passes through specimens of ruda, nkaxtindoni (or yellow flower) wild arnica and oregano.


Until reaching the stellar moment of the route: giant cactaceae or giant biznagas,  standing up, solemn, like huge green sculptures.

The garden has about 1,500 specimens of this species of cactacea, scattered all around. The largest of them reach 2.50 meters high and 1.50 meters in diameter. Again, the spectacle amazes.

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