Juan Rulfo’s Luvina

Among the mountains of the Sierra Juárez in Oaxaca, Mexico, surrounded by the Cerro de la Piedra Gris and the Perico hill is located Luvina, that small town that Mexican writer Juan Rulfo describes in his book “El llano en llamas”.


The atmosphere described in Luvina is impregnated with a phantasmagorical essence and, at the same time, with a great sadness. Juan Rulfo, in this story, describes the environment of the town of San Juan Luvina, surrounded by misery and death. It is a place where anyone who dares to cross its limits will live sentenced by grief.

The town of San Juan Luvina reminds us of those regions of Mexico that live subjugated and relegated by extreme poverty and despite being located within the same territory, seem to inhabit another world. These people are the same ones who face this atmosphere of misery in which their lands and soil no longer sustain agriculture, because it has become sterile.


For its inhabitants, the Luvina that Rulfo met in the 1940s, has changed. The sadness has finished and now their children are working to rescue their historical, cultural and natural heritage to share it with the world.

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