The Luciferian Seeds of Light Temple

The temple, located in Montenegro, Colombia, is bedecked with multiple satanic symbols such as an inverted cross and Baphomet sigils and idols.

According to the self-proclaimed priest-owner Victor Damian Rozo, setting up the temple cost him around USD$200,000, an amount he claimed was obtained from multiple sponsors abroad.

Surprisingly, the ‘Luciferian Seeds of Light Temple’ does have a legal status under Columbian laws as the authorities have been able to look into activities being undertaken at the temple.

Governor of Quindío Carlos Eduardo Osorio and the archbishop of nearby Armenia, Pablo Emiro Salas, have spoken out that the cult should be made aware that Satanism is prohibited under the country’s constitution. Rozo defended his church saying that the object of worship, Lucifer, is not Satan but instead an angel that has been expelled from heaven.

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