Don Pedro Jaramillo’s Shrine

Don Pedro Jaramillo, was a curandero, faith healer, and folk saint from the South Texas Valley region. He is known as “the healer of Los Olmos creek and “el mero jefe” (English: the real chief) of the curanderos.

Jaramillo was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico to Purépecha Indian parents, and died at an unknown age in Starr County, Texas in 1907. Jaramillo first came to notice when he arrived at the Los Olmos ranch near Falfurrias, Texas and he announced he was a curandero and began treating the Mexican families in the region. At the height of his career, families from as far away as New York City would travel to seek help from Jaramillo.

Jaramillo’s story as a curandero begins when he was suffering from a nose ailment and as a cure, daubed his nose with mud at the edge of a pool. Three days of this self-prescribed treatment cured the ailment, however it left Jaramillo with an identifying scar on his nose.


On the third night of this treatment, Jaramillo believes he heard a voice telling him God had given him the power to heal. Testing such power, he prescribed a tepid bath to his master which healed his ailment.

There is a shrine at his burial site on FM Highway 1418, in Falfurrias, and also a state historical marker. The Texas State historical marker was dedicated in 1971 and is the first in Texas to be written in both English and Spanish. His popularity continues and he has even had songs written about him.

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