Nachito’s Tomb

Ignacio Torres Altamirano, better known as Nachito, was a child who feared the darkness and closed places. It was so much his fear that he always had to sleep with the lights on and with the windows open. Nachito died when he was 5 years old and was buried at Panteón De Belén, located in Guadalajara, Mexico.

A few days after Nachito burial, the guard found the coffin of the child outside his grave and even though the situation surprised him, he assumed that someone was playing a joke and simply buried the child again. The phenomenon continued to be repeated for several days, until the guard decided to look for Nachito’s family to tell them what was happening. Nachito’s parents understood the message his son was sending them, he was afraid of being buried. The Torres Altamirano family adapted the tomb of Nachito so that the coffin was left outside and they added candles so that the child could finally rest at night.

Nowadays, it is tradition to bring and offer toys and sweets to Nachito in his grave. The watchmen of the cemetery assure that it is common to hear the voice of a child playing and see how the toys move by themselves.

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