The Balandra Mushroom

Within the cove named Balandra, an area of ​​extensive beaches, is possible to observe a series of caverns of marine origin, resulting from the erosion process due to waves and marine currents, when the roof of the caverns collapses, the blocks of rocks remain isolated, being possible the development of geoforms such as the so-called Balandra mushroom.

Formed by marine erosion, is noticeable in the lower part of the rock, where it is in contact with the waves. It is also possible to observe some coastal dunes in this place. This beauty of the landscape has become a regional icon, so their images are used continuously to promote La Paz, Mexico.

The conjunction of the landscape elements that occur in the area are not repeated in other sites of the Bay of La Paz. In addition, this rock formation called “Hongo de la Balandra”, is an emblematic coastal feature for the inhabitants of La Paz and a symbol of the municipality.

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