Night of the Living Dead Cemetery

Evans City Cemetery in Evans City, Pennsylvania, is a little cemetery just north of Pittsburgh, where George A. Romero filmed the first scene of his landmark cinematic achievement, Night of the Living Dead.

Night of the Living Dead cemetery is located on Franklin Road just south of Evans City and about half an hour north Monroeville Mall. You can’t see the cemetery from the road, but an unobtrusive wooden sign that wasn’t in the movie tells you where to turn.

Immediately in left side of the cemetery was the abandoned chapel featured in the movie. It’s the only building on the property, and its windows are still boarded up.

After the graveyard scenes, the rest of the movie basically takes place in an old house situated nearby, which I would have visited as well had it not been demolished…but you knew that already because you saw the movie. Zombies wreck everything they touch.

Source: OTIS.

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