Hoya de Alvarez Crater

It all started in the seventies when several peasants and local residents surprised the world with gigantic fruits and vegetables (mainly those of Mr. J. Carmen García).

Naturally, the news flew away, shocking the authorities. A legion of experts, researchers and curious came to Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, México,  to see what promised to be the beginning of an “Agricultural Revolution”.

The formidable “harvests” were big enough, for example, that two leaves of chard could feed a whole family. And something similar happened with corn, onions, cabbages and other vegetables.

In these precise moments it is not possible to establish the reasons for these surprising wonders of nature. National and foreign researchers have arrived and as they have gone. If something has been discovered, it is not known (at least in the locality).

The farmers offered to give the formula and the method in exchange for the creation of a National Park in the municipality and to build a school of agriculture, precisely in the interior of the craters called the Hoya de Alvarez.

The Hoya de Álvarez crater, in Valle de Santiago, is one of the seven luminaries in the municipality, as a visual attraction,  there are houses inside the crater, people can also go and enjoy the pools with cold water of the springs in the place.

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