Ogarrio Tunnel

The initiative of drilling to make the tunnel, was of the Counts de la Maza: Santos, Gregorio, Joaquín and Pedro, the line was made by Vicente Irizar and he was the one who gave him the name of Ogarrio, to be called the town where he was born in Spain.

The agreement to drill the tunnel was held before a notary public, Vicente Irizar representing the Santa Ana mine and Matías Hernández Soberón, representing the Dolores Trompeta mine.

To appreciate the tunnel you have to walk through it and try to imagine how the mineral extractions were like. Feeling the cold, the humidity and the smell can give us an idea of ​​how the work environment was, which used to have days of up to 12 hours a day.

Currently, the tunnel is the communication route to visit the legendary city of Real de Catorce, the tunnel is some sort of time-travel portal into the past. Therefore, the Ogarrio tunnel represents the first adventure when you visit Real de Catorce.

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