Borges’ Aleph on Garay Street

The Aleph, that point in space that contains all the points of the world at the same time, the mirror and center of all things, in which everything comes together and is reflected at the same time and without overlapping, according to Borges of 2 to 3 centimeters in diameter and similar to glass, is perhaps the most enigmatic and famous object of all his work.

According to the story, that little thing that contains all the universal knowledge (among other interpretations, it is said to represent a library with all the knowledge and things of the universe seeing them at the same time) was in the basement of an old house on Garay Street.


Concepts and objects related with Geography are frequently found in Borges poems, stories and essays. In his early works, they were employed in rather conventional mode, either as metaphors or analogies; to colour the text with local, exotic or cosmopolite tinges. As his style matured, Borges redefined some concepts and revealed geographic dimensions in symbols only tangentially related to Geography.

Obvious: the borgeanos can not stop going to that avenue and try to imagine the large house in which the author of “Universal history of infamy” was inspired. We recommend starting from the Constitución train station and heading for Garay in search of that time and space and all the things of the cosmos gathered in one.

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