The Evil Dead Cabin

The cabin from the horror film: The Evil Dead is located in the town of Morristown, Tennessee. Although the bridge was in a separate location some 30 miles away, the lonely trail leading in, and the cabin & workshed area layout existed pretty much as shown on screen.

The land on which the cabin once stood is part of a large area currently owned by a local man; Thomas. He’s managed to keep his full name out of the public domain so far, and is happy to keep it that way. The cabin itself was built in the late 1960’s by Thomas & his brother, to be used as a hunting cabin.

It was originally smaller than was shown on screen, just being two rooms (basically what comprises the main room area in The Evil Dead), with no rear extension. The first room was for eating and sleeping, the side room was for hunting supplies & stretching furs. They also used it to brew corn liquor to sell to make it through the winter if trapping season wasn’t too good.


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