Hacienda Cinco Señores

La Hacienda Cinco Señores was one of the most important in mineral extraction in Mexico; sports this name because of the partnership that formed five investors. It was created in 1889 with European capital.

The main courtyard is where most people agree about the ghosts apparitions, testimonies tell about screams and lamentations, assorted crying, passing voices of children playing at midnight, even those who swear to have witnessed spectral processions that suddenly disappear.

At the bottom of the hacienda is located a large glen where a huge wall divides Cinco Señores from another hacienda. This wall is really impressive and at times would recall us a fragment of the Great Wall of China; it has some tower that allowed to watch the complete hacienda as well as the surrounding abandoned mines.

There is access to walk through the patios and landscapes with arches of abandoned ruins without restoration, which are fascinating for archaeologists, painters, photographers, artists and all that visitor with a desire to be astonished. At the time of Independence War and with the expulsion of the Jesuits, production declined completely since mining was a very important economic source for both the Spaniard Crown and the Criollos insurgents fighting for liberty.

The fame of Mineral de Pozos and its mineral production accelerated from 1880 to 1888. During these years several companies were formed that exploited the mines abundantly like Cinco Señores, who also owned the mines of La Joya, Nayalito and Justicia and obtained great dividends for their shareholders, since the main processes of post-extraction of gold and silver were carried out here.

Hacienda Cinco Señores @ Atlas Obscura 

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