Madonna of Saint Giovannino

“The Madonna of Saint Giovannino” is a religious image that highlights the figure of the Virgin Mary with two children, Jesus and Juan.

The painting dates from the fifteenth century and was painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio, where, behind the religious image, a strange flying object with flashes of light (due to the golden color) can be seen in the upper right part, and below, a man with his arm raised, looking at it, and the man has his arm raised as if he were trying to block the sun to see better the object that is in the sky.

This painting has been perfectly preserved and is currently exhibited in the “National Gallery” in London. Maybe we can never know too much about the experience lived by Ghirlandaio and one of his neighbors, but no doubt, it must have been something truly impressive to decide to show it to posterity.

This painting is more than 500 years old and dates long before any man-made flying machine was developed. Perhaps our artist had some knowledge about strange phenomena that his contemporaries may have seen in the sky and because of this they associated it with divine images. And for that reason, without words and symbolically, he decided to express it with his brush. What could have led Ghirlandaio to paint something so special that it captures the attention of the man and his dog over the presence of the Virgin Mary?

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