Jardines del Humaya Cemetery

In a cemetery in Culiacan, crypts resemeble miniature cathedrals and tombs made with marble and gold, emphasize luxury and eccentricity.

The Jardines del Humaya cemetery in Culiacan, Sinaloa is known because there are buried famous drug traffickers and due to its section of crypts that resemble miniature cathedrals.

These tombs have all the luxuries and services, which makes this cemetery unique. Cartel leaders sometimes buy dozens of funerary graves in advance in Jardines de Humaya to make sure there are enough places for their people when “they achieve the final journey.”

In addition to the exterior opulence in the design of tombs and mausoleums, inside the crypts feature amenities such as solar panels, air conditioning, jacuzzi, wifi, rooms, lounges and surveillance cameras.

Jardines del Humaya Cemetery @ Atlas Obscura 

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