Cajeme’s Satanic Crypts

In the eighties, mysterious constructions were created in Cajeme, Sonora, they were called satanic crypts and were created by a peculiar man who worshiped Satan.


The place has more than 1000 square meters and the buildings are made of brick and have unusual shapes. There are 5 constructions that it is difficult to decipher its function, although it is not known exactly the use of each of the buildings for its strange and unusual structure, they feature a very unusual architecture, each of them has spear-shaped peaks and cone-shaped roofs.


In one of the crypts there is a slide, the legend says that the slide was used for the human and animal sacrifices, the blood flows down towards the soil, to the east, where the sun rises, symbolizing that the blood stains the sun, that is to say the darkness dulls the light.


The owner was always dressed in black, he had in his belt buckle a satanic symbol with the face of Satan; he fell in love with a nurse, he gave her a satanic bible,  nobody knows what happened to the woman, it is said that her life collapsed after reading the word of the devil.


On the other hand, it’s considered a dangerous area since assaults, rapes and even murders have happened in this place, so it is recommended to take precautions if you decide to attend and visit them.

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