Doomsday Ant at Parish of the Holy Apostles


In the prehispanic heart of Azcapotzalco, CDMX, an area with vestiges of the first incursions of the spiritual conquest of the new world. The ant that is on the side of what was the convent, is an emblem that appears, at least, from the second construction of the building in the eighteenth century. Both the church and the convent were the work of Fray Lorenzo de la Asunción.

According to a popular legend about the red ant, found in the bell tower of the Dominican Ex-Convent, is gradually rising, moving one of its six legs at a time every year and when it reaches the top of the bell tower the world will end.

Nobody knows who painted it in this place or in what year exactly, several travelers who visit the temple stop before it expecting to see it walk, some of them have referred in their chronicles in which part of the tower they have seen it, since the nineteenth-century.

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