Guerrero Viejo Ghost Town

Guerrero Viejo was an important town that was in the border of Texas and Tamaulipas in the last years of the XIX century and the first decades of the XX century.

Since the 1930s, the governments of Mexico and the United States were planning the construction of a dam on the Rio Grande near Guerrero Viejo, so when in 1944 both governments signed the agreement to build the dam (the current Falcon Dam),  it was necessary to evacuate the population, because the water reservoir created as a result of the dam would flood the town. To relocate the population was projected and created Nuevo Guerrero City as the new head of the municipality of Guerrero.

In the 90’s after several years under water, Guerrero Viejo began to emerge from the dam. Most of the buildings had fallen but some structures were still standing. The façade of the church was intact, the government restored it completely making it go back to those years.


In 2009, storms and hurricanes stroke the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and Guerrero Viejo was flooded again. Nuestra Señora del Refugio Church is a well-conserved building in the ghost town. All the exterior walls are standing and the restoration makes it look as newly built. The water level is permanently marked on the facade of the church which was underwater for more than 40 years. The interior of the church has received great renovations in the last 10 years.

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