Sunset Chapel

Located in the hills of Acapulco, Mexico, is the peculiar Sunset Chapel, a chapel that stands out for its views of the bay. This strange church with geometric shapes is raised like a rock among others, the chapel in the atypical architecture seems to fit perfectly in its environment while it frontally opposes. Other contrasts mark the construction with the rough concrete that opposes the transparency of the glass. Inside, the light through and impressive views of the bay make this church a place of contemplation.

About the project, those responsible for the study share “our first religious commission was a wedding chapel designed to celebrate the first day of the new life of a couple. Our second religious commission had a diametrically opposed purpose: to mourn the death of loved ones.

This premise was the main driving force behind the design, the two had to be completely opposite, they were natural antagonists. While the first praised life, it afflicted death. Through this game of contrasts all decisions were made: Glass vs. Concrete, Transparency vs. Solidity, Ethereal vs. Heavy, Classical Proportions vs. Chaos Apparent, Vulnerable vs. Indestructible, Ephemeral vs. Durable …”

The client’s summary was quite simple, almost naive: First, the chapel had to make the most of the spectacular views. Second, the sun had to be placed exactly behind the altar cross (of course, this is only possible twice a year at the equinoxes).

And last but not least, a section with the first phase of the crypts had to be included outside and around the chapel. Metaphorically speaking, the mausoleum would be in perfect utopian synchrony with a celestial cycle of continuous renewal.

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