Cuilapam’s Unfinished Church

When the Dominican friars established their convent in Cuilapam, Oaxaca, Mexico; the major priest wanted to build a large, beautiful and majestic church, as the Father said, worthy of God, such was his wish, that it ended up becoming an obsession.

During a random night, a very elegant gentleman dressed completely in black knocked the convent doors, the strange visitor was the devil who visited the priest to propose a deal, “He would build the church, in exchange for the soul of all the members of the congregation.” At first the priest refused, but such was the obsession to build the temple, that after several visits from the devil, decided to accept the deal. “The temple will be ready in one night. Before the rooster crows “- said the devil, and disappeared in front of the father’s eyes.

A few minutes later they heard a crowd of people arriving to build the temple: it was an army of demons. The Father saw how the construction rapidly developed and worried about the friars condemnation, he kept thinking about what to do, he kept repeating the words of the Devil, “the temple will be ready before the rooster crows and then all those souls will be mine.” “Before the rooster crows”, “Before the rooster crows”.

Then an idea came to his mind, he will make the rooster crows before they finish the temple. He ran to the barn, looked for a hen and took it next to the rooster, which began to crow. The army of demons that built the temple disappeared, leaving the construction unfinished, which saved the souls of the friars, since the deal had not been fulfilled.

The devil seeing that he had been deceived was furious and went after the priest who in his attempt to run away fell to the ground, he saw the devil was about to hurt his chest with his nails, but the Father’s blessed scapular saved him. The Father died after several years, and then told to his confessor how he dealt with the devil and what happened that night. They say a strange shadow was seen haunting the convent, they say that it is the devil wandering around again.


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