Tlalnepantla’s Deputy Attorney Office

in February 2012, the PGJEM reported the arrest of César Armando Librado Legorreta, El Coqueto, a feminicide who raped and killed his victims while he was employed as driver in a public transport bus in Estado de México. Nevertheless, the news took great flights when it was said that El Coqueto had escaped —a la MacGyver— from the Deputy Attorney Office.

The detainee escaped after his guards fell asleep. First he took off the handcuffs he had on his hands and feet. Later, he used telephone and computers wires to make an improvised rope, weaving the wires, he would escape from the third floor building where he was.

As expected, the “rope” just tear apart and El Coqueto fell into the void. Sporting multiple fractures in several bones, he managed to crawl to Lopez Portillo road and was aided by a driver who instead of taking him to the doctor, gave him a ride to Coqueto’s  half brother house. In the end, he was recaptured in Magdalena Contreras area on March 3. He was formally charged with six murders and sentenced to 301 years in prison.

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