Mount of Olives Pentecostal Church

It was a normal day in a quiet community where no one imagined that in the course of the hours the tranquility that was breathed would become impotence, desolation and sadness when 30 people died intoxicated in the interior of the Pentecostal Church Mount of Olives.

It was in the early hours of December 30, 1991 that something like a rumor of bad taste began to travel all over the Altiplano Potosino, spreading the word to the state capital, Mexico City and other countries: 30 people had died poisoned by inhaling carbon monoxide believing that the hallucinations prior to their death were a message from God, guided by a false a prophet who turned out to be a religious fanatic.

After the sad recognition of the bodies by their loved ones, the corpses of “El Charquillo” were delivered to their mourners, 13 of them being buried in a Panteon del Venado, while the remaining 17 other victims were buried in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

Today, few people know the location of these tombs, some even ignore the event. What was then a temple of worship to God, is now a desolate, totally alone and abandoned building, few brave ones venture into that place, witness of the cruel death of 29 people; the notorious Monte de los Olivos Temple is still standing in the community of El Charquillo, and two murals bearing the names of the 30 victims of the so-called “collective suicide” are placed on the wall.


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