Water is the fundamental source of life. In our generation we are already suffering from the abuse and its excessive consumption and, as consequence of the waste we had for several centuries, today, large areas of land are totally dry and, in the Mexican cities, a growing population demands an increasing consumption of water.

Temacapulin was founded along a river that would provide its population with the vital liquid.  Many villages have been inundated because of the build of dams, the case of San Jose de Gracia in Aguascalientes and, moreover, that of Chupícuaro, near Acámbaro, Guanajuato are a few examples.

In Chupicuaro, numerous prehispanic vestiges were drowned and left a hole for the archaeological studies in progress. Now, Temacapulín will be flooded because of El Zapotillo Dam development, the remains of Tecuexes and Cazcanes, both towns nearby, will be covered by water also.

The Ministry of Tourism and social initiatives make efforts to rescue this historical town giving some hope to its people, moreover, the Mexican Water Commission, among other dependencies, continues with its project of flooding Temacapulin.

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