Los Muñecos Fountain

In Puebla, Mexico, between 22nd Street and 18 North Street, is the so-called Fuente de los Muñecos (Fountain of the Dolls), which is one of the most enigmatic stories of the city, an anecdote that has been transmitted from voice to voice for generations . A gentleman had two kids, a girl and a boy, six and seven years old. One day when torrential rain broke out, the little brothers left the house to go to school, but they never arrived.

At dusk they did not return home. The parents started a search with the help of Xonaca’s neighbors. The hours passed and no trace of the little ones was found. With pain and resignation, they all deduced that they fell into a water well near the property of General Avila Camacho.

The bodies of the children were never found. Since then there are many stories about the children of Los Muñecos Fountain. It is said that at night those childish figures come to play, they run through the streets and the echo of their laughter is heard throughout the neighborhood until dawn.

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