Arteaga’s Mummies Museum

The Museum of the Mummies of San Antonio de las Alazanas is a must for visitors to the ejido communities of Sierra de Arteaga, Coahuila, Mexico, where the mummified bodies of 5 members of the Nuncio Family are displayed.

This space offers a tour of the history entering the museum, the first room presents details of the time of prehistory, some of the species that inhabited at the time, has a replica of a fossil jaw of a species of sea dinosaur.

The most valuable objects that give the name to the museum are the mummies of the Nuncio family, which in addition to their importance for having been preserved thanks to the mineral properties of the land where they were buried, have added value by having participated in different events of historical relevancy in Mexico.

The Nuncio family participated in the Independence movement, and in the Reforma and the Revolution wars, it is a very important family in the history of the country, even their names are registered in historical documents. Finally, this museum has an audiovisual room where the short film “El Pozo” by director Guillermo Arriaga is projected, which was recorded in this community with local actors and participated in a film festival in Venice.

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