Tequila Barrels Hotel

A strange hotel inside a tequila factory in which the rooms are giant tequila barrels adapted to give accommodation to visitors interested in knowing the whole process that involves the drink: from the sowing of the agave, the raw material for its elaboration, to the production.

It is a five star hotel in which the guest can find all the comforts, but one of the main ideas is that the visitors go through the same processes of maturation as the young tequila “that after sleeping in the barrel are different people thanks to all the sensory experience that they live during their stay “.

The hotel and the factory are on a plot of 32 hectares, of which there are only 11 built, which allows between room and room there is a space of 5 to 6 meters, to give more privacy to guests, located in municipality of state of Jalisco that bears the same name as the popular drink.


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