Fidget Spinner Crop Circles

Aliens who make crop circles that look like fidget spinners? Two popped up recently on the go-to site for crop circle photos — The first allegedly appeared on July 19 in Atherington, Nr Middleton-on-sea, West Sussex.

The first suspicious thing you’ll notice is that the figure has four arms, not the fidget-spinning three. The second is that the crop circle was ‘discovered’ by Matthew Williams, a crop circle investigator … and admitted crop circle maker. Not close enough to even suggest a cigar.

The second one looks more like a fidget spinner. This circle was reported on June 27 in Delley-Portalban, Broye, Canton Fribourg, Switzerland. Many will notice that it also resembles the Celtic triskelion symbol, which is actually pre-Celtic. While the English ones get all of the publicity, crop circles are also quite common in Switzerland and just as controversial.


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