Ojuelos’ Extraterrestrial Carved Stones

Since 2012, residents from Ojuelos, Jalisco, claim to find pre-Hispanic objects a few meters deep, which are stones with figures representing spaceships, astronauts and people with alien features, such as elongated eyes and lack of mouth.

There are also some reptile-like creatures with scales, which is also related to the ancestral legends of the Hopi Indians and Cherokee tribes that referred to these descended beings like the Kachina, which translated would come to mean something like The Brothers Snake.

The Mayan calendar, pregnant women and baby offerings to these ships are also depicted in these stones, something that reminds us of that amount of stories about ancient legends disseminated by UFO enthusiasts that discuss mating issues and hybridization with beings from other planets.

In several occasions, people from Ojuelos, Jalisco, have come to the National Institute of Anthropology and History office (INAH) in Aguascalientes to try to authenticate the “stones with prehispanic carvings”, which have gained great popularity after the publicity that has made UFO investigator and tv host: Jaime Maussan, who attributes them an extraterrestrial origin, because in these pieces are carvings  of “aliens” as well as astronauts.

In this regard, INAH archaeologist Ana María Pelz Marín stated in an interview, that at first glance it can be verified that the stones are not authentic, since they are an amalgam of drawings of various cultures: Mexica, Olmeca and Maya, all In the same stone and with traits that are attributed to the aliens.



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