El Calón

In the vicinity of Teacapán is an archaeological site. “El Calon” pyramid is unique in the world and is located in the state of Sinaloa, as well as having dense mangrove ecosystems throughout the bay.  Once you enter the mangrove, close to the pyramid you must move at a slow speed, because there is a lot of vegetation and branches of trees that can hit you or damage the boat.

In the background, the pyramidal mound of shells in El Calon.

The pyramid has dimensions of 100 meters in length, 80 in width and an approximate height of 25 meters and is covered by a scientifically called Andara Grandis shell, commonly known as Pata de Mula.

The pyramid of the Calón is not a pyramid as such, it is a kind of mound that was covered of shells by the ancestors, that extracted them of the mangroves to accumulate them there. Previously the top was covered in full but little by little the visitors were extracting the pieces and they took them to way of memory, the walls still have an abundant amount of shells.

Both because of its magnitude and because of its shell-like constitution, this pyramid of extraordinary architecture is unique exemplary not only with regard to the Sinaloa coast, but also the entire Pacific coast from Mesoamerica to the Andes. At that time it had to be an important strategic point to dominate the estuaries and the transit of the boats in their constant movements, mainly of “commercial” type. Likewise, its builders had to practice ceremonies probably of astronomical character, given their location and characteristics.

To the south of the city of Teacapan, access is difficult during the rainy season, so it has to be done by water; In winter it is possible to walk on muddy terrain.

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