Mil Islas

On the copper waters of the Miguel Alemán dam in Oaxaca, Mexico, a thousand islets make up the territory of Mazatecos and Chinantecos people.

Each island, of intense green color by the abundant vegetation, is a personal and collective world in permanent interaction with nature. The men there fish, consume the products from their soil, -coffee, bananas, corn, mango, papaya, vanilla, etcetera-.

The high and medium jungle of the mountainous massifs, populated by pine, oak, acahual, among many others, create in this microcosm a diversity of habitats with reservoirs, wetlands, rivers and marshes. It is there where the deer, jaguar, wild boar, wildcat, badger, raccoon, tlacuache, rabbit, squirrel, tepexcuintle, coyote, armadillo, mazate and skunks still survive in their natural habitat.

Among others fauna there are wild birds such as eagles, hawks, chachalacas, pigeons, owls, buzzards, calandrias, hummingbirds, carpenter birds, yellow breast pheasants, , pijules, crane herons, ducks, owls, swallows and toucans.

There are caves and waterfalls on the banks of the dam, mountains that can be climbed, islands where there are tours of up to three or four hours, so that a visitor can know something of the beauties of this region.






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