Orizaba’s Haunted House

The “Casa Embrujada” of Orizaba is located on the South 2 corner and Poniente 5, it is in ruins and an important state of neglect, sheltered by an enigmatic gate that invites anyone to live unknown events, covered by the foliage of an old tree that watches over along the street.

The inhabitants of the place tell us many years ago that a family of high economic power came to that city, who made the house a beautiful mansion; however, the exuberant richness of these people, unleashed the envy of an individual who posing as Butler, starred in one of the most remembered tragedies in the region. After several years of service, the butler had studied the movements of his bosses, the location of the safes and the jewels, so he planned a massive event at the mansion to murder everyone, placing poison in the food.

From that date, the mansion is abandoned. There are locals and curious people who speak of apparitions and terrifying phenomena in the interior, which originates the departure of those who enter. However, the majority agrees in pointing out as the main factor of their departure, the sensation of dizziness, headache and sleep, followed by fainting that make them lose consciousness and appear hours later (without reason or memory) off the street .

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