Las Labradas

The region now occupied by the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, presents a peculiar sequence of cultural groups that developed in different ways, although it is known that they were originally nomadic groups that roamed the beaches and coast of the state. Towards the period known as Lower Neolithic, around 7000 BC, there were already very primitive groups in places like Sinaloa de Leyva and Bebelama.

On the beaches adjacent to this site is an interesting complex of rocks carved with figures and geometric and concentric images, which were probably made by the nomadic tribes that inhabited this area. Although the site has not been fully explored, it is believed that these manifestations date from the end of the Preclassic period.

119 km northwest of Mazatlan by the number 15 road, turn left at km 103, state road number 2 to the town of Dimas Station.


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