In this town savoring a succulent mountain rat dish is a delight for the palate, since it can be prepared in various ways to season it and have a stew of a peculiar style, typical of the Altiplano region. The wild rat is a food eaten by peasant families, who consider it very nutritious and even with medicinal properties, as they ensure by the proteins it contains, reinforces the physical state of a sick person.

Both adults and children are engaged in the hunting of “rats” on the field, whose work is executed with slings.  Even an extra resource is obtained with the skin of the animal, which is washed with enough lemon, and get dry, to commercialize it like an adornment.

As far as its preparation is concerned, the cooks explained that there are several forms, according to whether it is intended to delight the palate. Once the animal is cleaned, it is cooked with vegetables, to be a succulent broth, or can be cooked as if it were mole or can be roasted with charcoal and in this case is accompanied with onions and beans.

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