El Vizcaino Whale Sanctuary

The Vizcaíno is a whale sanctuary Natural Heritage of Humanity of Unesco in the State of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Unfortunately these marine animals are in danger of extinction.

The sanctuary is located to the north of the state of Baja California Sur where are certain unique ecosystems and of high natural interest. The gray whale is found in the Ojo de Liebre lagoon and in the San Ignacio lagoon an ideal place to carry out its reproduction, in addition it is a place of winter rest for numerous seabirds. There are also sea lions and sea turtles in danger of extinction, all of them find shelter in this protected area.


Located in the central part of the Baja California peninsula, the sanctuary contains exceptionally interesting ecosystems. The coastal lagoons of Ojo de Liebre and San Ignaciano are important wintering and breeding grounds for the gray whale, harbor or mottled seal, California sea lion, northern elephant seal, and blue whale. The lagoons are also home to four species of endangered sea turtles.

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