Alchichica Lake Crater

Alchichica, say the locals, is connected to the sea. The origin of this belief comes from the pre-Columbian era, because of its high salinity the ancients thought it was somehow connected to the sea. Legends around this space speak of silver-haired mermaids and even extraterrestrials.

Its bottom is 35 meters from the surface, it has been reached by divers, and 2 km in diameter. Towards the northeast we could notice that a wide blue tube is introduced into the lagoon, no doubt to extract liquid.

It is only in the rainy season that some women fish on the shores, for most of the year these fishes disappear. Two towns are in the borders of Alchichica: San Jose Alchichica and Zalayeta.

Along the shores of the lake, huge rocks emerge whiten by dry salt. Its rugged and organic aspect reminds us of the sea again; they are like a coral reef between the waves.

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