Wat Pra Dhammakaya

In Thailand is one of the most spectacular modern Buddhist temples in the world, evoking, according to some foreign observers, a UFO. It is the Wat Pra Dhammakaya or temple of Dhammakaya (the body of dharma or enlightenment).

The temple emphasizes the revival of traditional Buddhist values, but does so through modern methods and technology, which has led to controversy and government response. Despite these controversies, the temple has continued to play a leading role in Thai Buddhism, and has been described as “the face of modern Thai Buddhism” (Irons). The temple emphasizes personal transformation, expressed through its slogan “World Peace through Inner Peace”.

This temple is the center of the Dhammakaya Movement, a Buddhist sect that in 1977 built this chapel that maintains a certain simplicity and elegance while, by a strange effect of the geometric repetition, it has an aspect that refers to an epic of the forms And a cosmic center is craved.

The golden dome of the temple appears to be a ship occupying the center of a landing strip. There thousands of monks congregate to perform some of the meditations most frequented by world peace (the temple preserves this main idea and was erected through donations).

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