Jobito Hotel

The Hotel Mesón de Jobito in Zacatecas is known for being one of the hotels in Mexico with more paranormal activity, according to its guests. It is located a few steps from the Alameda and 5 blocks from the Cathedral and Plaza de Armas. The old neighborhood and inn was built in the year 1700.

Unusual things are reported in room 107 of the now five-star hotel, curiously the most requested. They say that this room belonged to Don Jobito, a man who took care of the place and of whom there is even a pink quarry sculpture in his honor. Miners and strangers came to the building to search for gold and, they say, continue to prowl the place.

Those who stay there tell that they feel strange things, that somebody observes them or they persecute them. Others believe they see someone behind them in front of the mirror, even without knowing the legends. There are also noises of children jumping, horses or moving objects. The hour with more apparitions, they say, is at 4 in the morning.


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