The Pino Suárez’ Second-hand Clothing Packs

In the downtown area of ​​Mexico City, just out of Pino Suárez subway station, behind the metal structure that is in plain sight, the bale market had been one of the best places to find style treasures that none Department store could provide.

By immersing yourself in the piles of second-hand clothing you could find the outfit you wanted and no one else would have – besides giving it a second use to what otherwise would end up polluting.


The Secretary of the Federal District Government seized 240 tons of clothing in an operation carried out in the area of ​​San Antonio Abad and Fray Servando, dismantling thus the market that for a long time was the source of who looked for rare pieces for no more $ 200 pesos.

Removing illegality on public roads is the main reason the Government of Mexico City takes these actions. Without a choice of re-location or alternative solution beyond setting them aside, with this “recovery of public space” you lose a site that for many years was a mandatory stop for alternative fashion.

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