Memorial to Steve the Suicidal Robot


A security robot fell into a water fountain at a D.C. office building. And the Internet went wild. The autonomous machine was apparently making its usual rounds outside the Washington Harbour office and retail complex in Georgetown when it tumbled down some steps and into the fountain.

One day after a security robot toppled famously into a water fountain, an informal memorial was erected in honor of the autonomous machine’s brief tour of duty.


The robot also apparently had a name. It was Steve. Steve was about four feet tall and oblong. He was a roving robot charged with keeping an eye on the business and retail complex. He was new to the job, with about a week under his belt.



The memorial featured a photo of a candle with the words “Never Forgotten,” a box of tissues, photos of people posing with the robot, several letters, a set of batteries (for the robot hereafter, perhaps) and what appeared to be a cassette tape.






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