Holbox’s Whale Shark Sanctuary

A sanctuary where the largest concentration of whale sharks is found, is located on the northern shores of Contoy Island National Park and to the north and northeast of the Yum Balam Wildlife Protection Area, in Yucatán, Mexico. Holbox is a small island located on the north coast of the Yucatan peninsula famous for being a sanctuary of the whale shark.

With 42km long and 2km wide, Isla Holbox offers 36km of pristine beaches of white and coral sand. Located within what is the Yum Balam Nature Reserve, Isla Holbox is considered part of one of the most important ecological regions in the world and hosts a spectacular diversity of ecosystems.

Despite being the largest fish in the world reaching between 15 and 18m, is docile and harmless to the human being, which makes it extremely attractive for divers and swimmers. It belongs to a migratory species that usually make long trips annually in search of food, arriving at Mexican seas from May to September.

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